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Couchbase session state provider does not works with WebForm project



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      From the forums: https://forums.couchbase.com/t/couchbase-session-state-provider-with-webform/3471

      I'm currently working on session sharing between two applications: ASP.Net WebForm vs ASP.Net MVC.
      Couchbase is one of the solutions. So, I'm trying to make a proof of concept.

      I'm using Couchbase Server Enterprise 3.0.3 and the provider that can be found on github (https://github.com/couchbaselabs/couchbase-aspnet).

      With MVC, it worked like a charm.

      But, with WebForm, it fails when I try to add value on session (a simple string).
      w3wp.exe take CPU: 25%, RAM: ~80Mo (>1% and >30Mo for MVC).

      The problem is there:
      namespace: Couchbase.AspNet.SessionState
      class: SessionStateItem
      method: Save(IMemcachedClient client, string id, bool metaOnly, bool useCas)

      bool retval = useCas
      ? client.Cas(StoreMode.Set, HeaderPrefix + id, new ArraySegment(ms.GetBuffer(), 0, (int)ms.Length), ts, HeadCas).Result
      : client.Store(StoreMode.Set, HeaderPrefix + id, new ArraySegment(ms.GetBuffer(), 0, (int)ms.Length), ts);

      The client.Store() method always returns false.
      As the Save() method is called in a while loop...it become a infinite loop...
      } while (!e.Save(client, id, false, exclusiveAccess && !newItem));

      So, I've investigate a little bit.
      Couchbase.AspNet use couchbase-net-client v1.3.6.
      I've included Enyim.Caching & Couchbase in my project to find what was going on.

      The problem is in Couchbase.CouchbasePool, method IMemcachedNode IServerPool.Locate(string key).
      This line in particular: this.state.Locator.Locate(key);

      With MVC, the type of Locator is Enyim.Caching.Memcached.VBucketNodeLocator.
      But with WebForm, it's Couchbase.CouchbasePool.NotFoundLocator...
      But when it's initialized, it's a VBucketNodeLocator...
      I can't find where this.state.Locator is modified.

      Is there something I miss?
      Is there a newer version?

      You can find my solution here



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