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      Following are the review comments :

      1) Chapter 11. Line - 'The other alternative is create a and add it to your in your classpath:'
      2) Chapter 8. --> Table 8.1 --> line 2 --> Append a value to an existing key with custom transcoder.
      Also, incr and decr operation descriptions are the same for the three overloaded methods.
      3) There is no mention of ViewConnection class and the methods like createViewConnection in the chapter 10 on Views and Queries.
      4) The version of couchbase-client jar that is shown in the snap shots in the document is 1.1-dp2 and not 1.1-dp4.
      5) Also, there is no mention of the helper classes for eg. BucketTool and their functionalities.
      6) Chapter 6 --> section 6.2 should mention about Add with Observe like section 6.3 is about set with observe.
      7) Couchbase client also has the methods observe and observePoll which have not been described in the manual.
      8) Appendix A3 - mentions about the addition of delete and observe functionality on the server build 1553 and above, but the manual doesn't have a section on delete with observe in section 8.4.
      9) Chapter 7. Table 7.1 - client.getAndLock(key [, getl-expiry ], transcoder) method is not hyperlinked.
      10) Chapter 7. - only one 'unlock' method is defined, however in the API, there are two overloaded methods.
      11) The getDesignDocument method is not defined in any chapter inside the manual.
      12) Spatial Views and map reduce views are not defined in Chapter 10.
      Also the API methods to fetch the spatial views/paginator query have not been elaborated.
      13) Chapter 9. - getKeyStats method is not defined.
      14) Chapter 5, table 5.1 - string '' should be replaced with 'new'.
      15) Chapter 4, Table 4.1 - Three add operations are not hyper-linked.
      16) Section 4.3, Line - 'You can also use a custom transcoder the serialization of objects. This can be to serialize objects in a format that is com-
      patible with other languages or environments.' needs revision.
      17) Instead of, it should be new Query().
      18) Chapter 5 - Connection Operations need to be elaborated in more detail. Other that CouchbaseClient, there are other classes which act as the helper classes for building the client to server connection.

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        daschl Michael Nitschinger added a comment -

        In review on docs repo, soon in master.

        daschl Michael Nitschinger added a comment - In review on docs repo, soon in master.


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