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autodocs don't have links to spymemcached methods (i.e., most of the API)



      It's great to have the generated docs for the Java client available on the website. However, it is confusing for a lot of people because most of the API methods aren't documented there, they are inherited from spymemcached and the docs don't link to spymemcached classes.

      If it is technically possible, it would be great to have live links in the autodocs for all the methods, including spymemcached ones.

      If not, it would be good to have a disambiguation page or some kind of explanation that, to get a complete view of the api docs, one must read both the spymemcached and couchbase docs. And a link to http://www.couchbase.com/autodocs/java/spymemcached/2.8.3/index.html (or whatever the latest link is).

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