Couchbase Java Client




Non-View Operations, Rebalance, Mapping, Everything Else

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JCBC-89 re-enable optimization after error handling in binary optimized sets is fixed in dependent spymemcached
  • Bug JCBC-269 subsequent resubscribers should not run if a resubscriber is successful
  • Task JCBC-437 implement JSR-107 Java Temporary Caching API

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug JCBC-820 Yesterday 9:43 AM IllegalStateException state exception. The Content of this Observable is already released. Subscribe earlier or tune the CouchbaseEnvironment#autoreleaseAfter() setting.
  • Bug JCBC-821 Yesterday 9:42 AM Run time time out exception on couch base client
  • Improvement JCBC-745 27/Jul/15 ensure error is understandable when bucket auth request fails to find a bucket

Versions: Unreleased