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Cluster level managers require bucket connection?



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      with Enterprise Edition 7.0.0 build 4554 with couchbase latest: 3.1.1

      1) this code:

      async function go() {
        const cluster = new couchbase.Cluster("couchbase://localhost", {
          username: "Administrator",
          password: "password",
        // const bucket = cluster.bucket("travel-sample");
        const bucketMgr = cluster.buckets();
        await bucketMgr.createBucket({
          name: "hello",
          flushEnabled: false,
          replicaIndex: false,
          ramQuotaMB: 100,
          numReplicas: 0,
          bucketType: couchbase.BucketType.Couchbase,
        await bucketMgr.dropBucket("hello");}

      raises "Error: You must have one open bucket before you can perform queries."

      However it's documented that this only applies for versions older than 6.5?


      2) uncommenting the `const bucket` declaration makes the code work, if the bucket exists.


      3) uncommenting the `const bucket` declaration with a bucket that does not exist, ends with a "Error: cluster object was closed" error.

      (obviously this is User Error... But it's confusing as the bucket connection shouldn't be needed, isn't used, and the error message is misleading.)


      I believe this is the confusion behind https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/DOC-7990


      So far seems to be just affecing Node SDK? I couldn't replicate in cbshell, and David Kelly has tested "works fine without opening a bucket first, on 7.0.0 build 4797, and a 6.6.1
      That’s with the current master on LCB
      Same thing with the current python sdk and current bundled lcb (3.0.6)"


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