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Helm Doc Auto-generation PART 1: The Beginning



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      K8S-1897 introduced tools and a workflow to auto-generate reference documentation for custom resources. We should introduce a similar process for the Helm reference documentation.

      Currently, there is only one Helm-related reference page, and it documents the values.yaml spec. The page format is very similar to that of the custom resource pages that are generated by K8S-1897 (because they're effectively documenting the same fields and parameters).

      The following should be considered when building an auto-generation workflow for Helm reference docs:

      1. If the fields in values.yaml are basically already documented in the reference for the other custom resource (e.g. couchbasecluster, coubasebucket, couchbaseuser, etc.) then should we try and import that content automatically instead of writing duplicate descriptions for the Helm reference?
      2. Can/should the Helm reference docs be generated in the Operator repo? It seems that this would be ideal and would require the least amount of re-tooling.
      3. The existing values.yaml has some in-line documentation. Should preserve this separately from the documentation we write for the standard docs set? And can these docs be read from kubectl/helm command-line?


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