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Create a Release Process Adoc in /docs/dev/



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      Create a documentation page for creating a release so that institutional knowledge is kept and reused going forward. 

      Per Simon:

      You forgot to mention forking 🙂 Which is somewhat important...
      As I cannot do it now, the arduous and fun task falls to Tommie, it's good training!  What it looks like is:
      When Management Let You (and this needs to be well before release day)

      • In the 2.3 branch, you need to create a pull request that changes prerelease to false in docs/user/antora.yml or docs will not work. Fun to watch on release day, but not sporting 😄
      • Back on master merge https://review.couchbase.org/c/couchbase-operator/+/173132this will stop docs staging from breaking in a minute...
      • Checkout couchbase/docs-site create a branch from the staging branch that exists, and edit antora-playbook.yml to include the new 2.3.x branch.
      • You may want to delete 2.3-beta while here too, I consider it part of 2.3 at this point in time.
      • Raise a GitHub pull request and get one of them to merge once CI has passed, check that 2.4 and 2.3 show up on docs staging.
      • Email the group to tell them that outstanding docs will need to be abandoned and submitted to 2.3.x (🤷‍♀️ last minute eh?) and you can start submitting 2.4 stuff.

      Commit validation should just work these days as that's driven by a regular expression, but double check just in case.  It will be evident if it's playing up by the two earlier gerrit commits, see herehttp://cv.jenkins.couchbase.com/view/Commit%20Validation/view/kubernetes/job/couchbase-operator-pipeline/

      Release Day

      • Create a pull request against the master branch of docs-site, obviously adding 2.3.x to the list.
      • Get the lovely Steve to push the button if one needs pushing to go live.
      • Pop a cork, your job is done!

      Phew! Complex I know. and a lot could go wrong, but I have faith.


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