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Make cbopinfo Machine Usable



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      This application is designed to be used in meat space, and not used by QE.

      Requires a full PRD but...

      • QE check certain files exist, which means accessing a TAR file which is nasty
        • If we build a JSON back end, then we can basically have a machine readable data structure which is ordered by namespace, resource type, resource, file.  And contains all the same information.
      • They cannot access log volumes as this is interactive.
        • Again with a JSON backend we can communicate which logs can be collected, then allow them to be collected via the CLI on a second pass.
        • This will apply to normal pods and log volumes, this streamlines the process, also provides auto download for all classes of log.
      • They download all logs regardless
        • It is naively just screen scraped based on pattern matching (ugh)
        • We should make (non) redaction optional and only download the correct log.


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