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Ability to Clear Timers



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    • Neo.next
    • 5.5.0
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      As of now, the only possible way to clear the TIMERs created are via the checkboxes shown at the deployment. If the developer/administrator misses this action, then there is no alternate/fallback scheme to clear the timers; there is no REST endpoint. 

      Also, some business flows might require to cancel timers based on certain conditions.

      It should be possible to clear timers based on:

      • Timer Type - cronTimer or docTimer
      • Doc ID(only for docTimers)
      • FunctionName
      • Timestamp


      P0: Ability to Clean Timers for a given time window 

      • The time window mentioned is the time window in which the timers had to be executed, and not the doc's mutation time.
      • Ability to be exposed via REST-API/CLI and UI.
        • Ability to be exposed only when the Function is in Paused state.
        • In the UI, the 'Clear Timers' button will be shown only when the Function is paused. Do not show the button otherwise. Clicking the button should prompt a dialog that shows the time-window in which the timers have to be cleared.



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