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Incorrect options shown in Query Workbench Import dialog



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      The import dialog in the query workbench is supposed to show two options: 1) importing a N1QL query from a file, and 2) importing an entire query history from a file. (see screenshot)

      For some mysterious reason involving GIT, the mad-hatter branch includes two extra options involving file imports. These options don't actually work, but having them there is misleading.

      The fix is a relatively simple change removing two items from a list in javascript:

      dialogScope.file_options = [
        {kind: "txt", label:  "Query - load the contents of a text file into the query editor."},    // 0
        {kind: "json", label: "Query History - load a file into the end of the current query history."}, // 1
        {kind: "csv", label: "CSV File - import a data file in comma-separated format into a bucket."}, // 2
        {kind: "tsv", label: "TSV File - import a data file in tab-separated format into a bucket."}, // 3


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