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LCB_ERR_INDEX_FAILURE - In n1ql eventing tests causing n1ql_op_exception_count = 1



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      The test is setup as follows : 

      • Deploy eventing function with n1ql queries inside
      • Load the source bucket
      • Run some access phase mutations

      We have observed the following error log in eventing.log in N1QL Based Eventing Tests. 

      2021-03-19T16:59:15.178-07:00 [Info] eventing-consumer [worker_perf-test1_23:/tmp/] {  "message": "SDK error : LCB_ERR_INDEX_FAILURE (402) Query error : {\n\"requestID\": \"20e0a0f0-bff8-4f46-848e-fdbae6761a0f\",\n\"clientContextID\": \"8@perf-test1.js(OnUpdate)\",\n\"errors\": [{\"code\":12003,\"msg\":\"Keyspace not found in CB datastore: default:eventing-bucket-1 - cause: No bucket named eventing-bucket-1\"}],\n\"status\": \"fatal\",\n\"metrics\": {\"elapsedTime\": \"164.504346ms\",\"executionTime\": \"164.433732ms\",\"resultCount\": 0,\"resultSize\": 0,\"serviceLoad\": 47,\"errorCount\": 1}\n}\n",  "stack": "Error\n    at OnUpdate (perf-test1.js:8:21)"} Line: 7 Code: var upsert_query = N1QL('UPSERT INTO `eventing-bucket-1` (KEY, VALUE) VALUES ($docId, \'Hello World\');', {'$docId':docId}, { 'consistency': 'none' }); Stack: Error    at OnUpdate (perf-test1.js:8:21) 

      At this point of time in the test, we have initially begun to load the source bucket- bucket-1 of the eventing function 

      The error log points to another bucket - the destination bucket - eventing-bucket-1 which is created along with the source bucket. The log complains that the bucket is not found but the bucket is not deleted during the test.  The test after this point runs fine and the N1QL queries are executed through eventing. Finally eventing reports this as n1ql_op_exception_count = 1.

      At the same timestamp in query.log we see this 

      2021-03-19T16:59:15.000-07:00 [INFO]  Trying with 
      _time=2021-03-19T17:23:26.495-07:00 _level=INFO _msg=Created New Bucket eventing 

      Looks like query is still trying to connect to the eventing-bucket-1 bucket and in the meanwhile one operation fails. This is not seen in recent 6.6.2 builds : http://perf.jenkins.couchbase.com/job/themis/9165/ 

      The run on 7.0 : http://perf.jenkins.couchbase.com/job/themis/9436/console 

      Logs : 

      https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perf-artifacts/jenkins-themis-9436/ - KV + N1QL

      https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perf-artifacts/jenkins-themis-9436/ - KV + N1QL

      https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perf-artifacts/jenkins-themis-9436/ - KV + N1QL

      https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perf-artifacts/jenkins-themis-9436/ - KV + N1QL

      https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perf-artifacts/jenkins-themis-9436/ - Eventing


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