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Incorrect cgroup resource detection (core/memory) when running in Container / K8S



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      We need to calculate the right number of cores configured by the container environment and ensure all services use it. Since NS-SERVER is the bootstrapping all services, we'll need to add logic to detect and pass on the proper args/env as appropriate to the type of runtime a service is using.

      Most of our services uses a some flavor of managed virtual machine (Java, Golang, Erlang). These are the actual components that automatically detects number of cores, based on whichever calls they make to the OS. Some may offer a way to manually force number of cores avail to the virtual machine. Each service will need to provide bootstrapping guidance how to limit theirs. Then, we can add a wrapper to the bootstrapping that detects whether or not, cgroups is in use and calculate the cores made available to the container and pass it on to the startup script of each service and use the proper arguments to restrict the number of cores. Since most services are started by the babysitter, this can be done centrally by ns_server.

      Java : command line -XX:ActiveProcessorCount=<cores>
      Golang : environment variable GOMAXPROCS=<cores>
      Erlang: command line +S <cores>:<cores>
      C/C++: No Virtual Machine. cgroup detection logic needs to be prescribed in code.

      Important to note, as the number of threads created by each service may, or may not be derived by the number of available cores, each service will need to adjust their logic of thread allocation. In the case of Erlang based processes (NS_SERVER, COUCHDB), there will be one thread per core by default. So adjusting number of cores will also impact number of threads.


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