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start_key_docid returns unexpected (or unintuitive) results



      Below are the results from a query that returns multiple rows for a single key. The third document has id "0-8fbe114" but if I apply the start_key_docid filter I still get the same exact results with the list starting at doc id "0-14479a7." although the view should've returned a subset. I also tried start_key_docid in combination with start_key and end_key but neither of these returns a subset starting at the requested docid.

      QUERY WITH KEY = [2008,11,1]
      curl "" > query_with_key


      QUERY WITH KEY = [2008,11,1] and START_KEY_DOCID = "0-8fbe114"
      curl "" > query_with_startkeydocid

      ....results are the same as previous query, although I expected them to start with the requested doc_id...

      Also noticed that "id" and "_id" are mismatch - not sure if that has something to do with the behavior of this filter.

      1. query_with_key
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        Tommie McAfee
      2. query_with_key_and_startkeydocid
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        Tommie McAfee
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