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[Windows] - Loading travel-sample bucket failed



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    • Blocker
    • 7.0.2
    • 7.0.2
    • query
    • Enterprise Edition 7.0.2 build 6512
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    • Windows 64-bit
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      Loading travel-sample failed with the following error on windows.

      Loading sample bucket travel-sample failed. Samples loader exited with status 1.
      Loader's output was:
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.980-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.982-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.983-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.984-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.984-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.985-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:43.985-07:00 (REST) Successfully connected to cluster | {"enterprise":true,"uuid":"cf5614fe6724c695a377ded20b53975a","version":{"min_version":"7.0.2","is_mixed_cluster":false}}
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.084-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.085-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (404) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.085-07:00 WARN: (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Request to endpoint '/pools/default/buckets/travel-sample' failed with status code 404 -- rest.(*Request).Execute() at request.go:166
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.086-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Creating remote bucket 'travel-sample' if it does not exist
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.086-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.086-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (404) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.086-07:00 WARN: (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Request to endpoint '/pools/default/buckets/travel-sample' failed with status code 404 -- rest.(*Request).Execute() at request.go:166
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.087-07:00 Bucket travel-sample does not exist, creating one with the specified settings
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.087-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:44.123-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (202) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:45.124-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:45.137-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:46.123-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:46.139-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:47.123-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:47.137-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.123-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.128-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.129-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully ensured bucket 'travel-sample' exists | {"number":1,"duration":"4.0419998s"}
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.129-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Automatically creating/editing scopes/collections for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.129-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.134-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.134-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.135-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.135-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.138-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.138-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (PUT) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.237-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (PUT) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:48.237-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.121-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.121-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully created/edited scopes/collections for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":2,"duration":"991.9678ms"}
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.121-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Transferring bucket configuration for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.122-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.127-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.127-07:00 Editing bucket to conform with settings provided
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.127-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:49.249-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.250-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.255-07:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.256-07:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully transferred bucket configuration for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":3,"duration":"1.1349994s"}
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.256-07:00 (Plan) (Index) Transferring views definitions for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.354-07:00 (Plan) (Index) Successfully transferred views definitions for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":4,"duration":"98.0043ms"}
      2021-08-16T05:01:50.354-07:00 (Plan) (Query) Executing queries for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-08-16T05:02:50.454-07:00 JSON import failed: failed to execute cluster operations: failed to execute bucket operation for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to execute queries for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to execute queries against sink bucket: failed to ensure gocb is connected to the cluster: unambiguous timeout | {"InnerError":{"InnerError":{"InnerError":{},"Message":"unambiguous timeout"}},"OperationID":"WaitUntilReady","Opaque":"","TimeObserved":60001011200,"RetryReasons":["NOT_READY"],"RetryAttempts":64,"LastDispatchedTo":"","LastDispatchedFrom":"","LastConnectionID":""}
      JSON import failed: operation has timed out

      cbcollect_info attached.


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