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RBAC - Assigning 'Manage Scopes' permission for existing buckets to users having documents access as a part of upgrade



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      With the addition of scope collections in 7.x, a user must have 'Manage Scope' to use the Documents page in order to read Scopes and Collections.

      Current :

      If the Cluster is upgraded from some older version to Couchbase Server to version 7.x. Then all the users which earlier used to have access to Documents(Data read and Data write) in older version of Couchbase(Couchbase Server version < 7.x )  now manually needs to be updated with the additional permission/role 'Manage Scope' to access the documents on existing buckets(which now have _default scope and collection). 

      Without this 'Manage Scope'  permission user would get this error message while accessing Documents on Documents page : "Insufficient permissions to view documents. User must have at least Data Reader on one or more collections, and also the ability to view scopes and collections in that bucket."



      In order to avoid this inconvenience of updating all users(which used to have access to documents earlier for the respective buckets) with this new permission 'Manage Scope' for already existing buckets for _default scope after upgrade, the request is to include this step of adding permission as a part of the upgrade itself. So that it doesn't need to be done manually as an extra step and the existing users which used to have access to the documents for existing buckets continue to have the same after upgrade without any issues. It would help in overall smooth transition from older version to new version 7.x.





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