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[longevity] memcached hangs when aborting during swap rebalance operation and fails to restart ( exit 71 )



      Cluster information:

      • 11 centos 6.2 64bit server with 4 cores CPU
      • Each server has 10 GB RAM and 150 GB disk.
      • 8 GB RAM for couchbase server at each node (80% total system memmories)
      • Disk format ext3 on both data and root
      • Each server has its own drive, no disk sharing with other server.
      • Load 9 million items to both buckets
      • Initial indexing, so cpu a little heavy load
      • Cluster has 2 buckets, default (3GB) and saslbucket (3GB)
      • Each bucket has one doc and 2 views for each doc (default d1 and saslbucket d11)
      • Create cluster with 10 nodes installed couchbase server 2.0.0-1697

      • Data path /data
      • View path /data
      • Do swap rebalance. Add node 26 and remove node 25
      • Rebalance failed and saw a lot of error message memcached exited with status 71 in log page.

      Link to diags of all nodes https://s3.amazonaws.com/packages.couchbase/diag-logs/orange/201209/11nodes-1697-memcached-exit-71-20120910.tgz

      Link to atop node 13 https://s3.amazonaws.com/packages.couchbase/atop-files/orange/201209/atop-node13
      Due to large size of atop file, all other atop files are in /tmp directory of each node


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