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Using couchbase-cli to setup couchbase(cluster-init) on non default port returns error


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
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      Using couchbase-cli to setup couchbase on non default port returns error. Though the cluster gets initialized, the cluster-init-ramsize is not used.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install build 1965 on linux.

      2. Use couchbase-cli to init cluster - Returns error. Seems its still trying to connect to 8091 after init.
      root@ubuntu1104-64:/opt/couchbase/bin# ./couchbase-cli cluster-init -c --cluster-init-username=Administrator --cluster-init-password=password --cluster-init-port=8080 --cluster-init-ramsize=1024

      SUCCESS: init
      ERROR: command: cluster-init:, [Errno 111] Connection refused

      3. Verify the ram quota. Incorrect Ram quota has been set.

      root@ubuntu1104-64:/opt/couchbase/bin# ./couchbase-cli server-info -c -u Administrator -p password


      { "quotaTotal": 3865051136, "quotaUsed": 0, "total": 6442450944, "used": 1599672320, "usedByData": 0 }

      Expected behavior when default port is used:

      1. Install build 1965 on linux.

      2. Use couchbase-cli to init cluster.

      root@ubuntu1104-64:/opt/couchbase/bin# ./couchbase-cli cluster-init -c --cluster-init-username=Administrator --cluster-init-password=password --cluster-init-port=8091 --cluster-init-ramsize=1024

      SUCCESS: init
      SUCCESS: init

      3. Verify the ram quota.

      root@ubuntu1104-64:/opt/couchbase/bin# ./couchbase-cli server-info -c -u Administrator -p password


      { "quotaTotal": 1073741824, "quotaUsed": 0, "total": 6442450944, "used": 1491410944, "usedByData": 0 }
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