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[2.0-hotfix candidate] Offline upgrade hangs at cbtransfer converting sqlite file to couchstorefile



      Have a 4 nodes cluster ( 1 default buckets 40G RAM on each node for the bucket. 200M items (920 G) in bucket. Resident is as low as 8.3%.
      Try to do an offline upgrade from 181 to 2.0 build 1971:

      [root@thor05 ~]# rpm -U couchbase-server-enterprise_x86_64_2.0.0-1971-rel.rpm
      Stopping couchbase-server ...
      Stopping couchbase-server
      Upgrading couchbase-server ...
      /opt/couchbase/bin/install/cbupgrade -c /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config -a yes
      Automatic mode: running without interactive questions or confirmations.
      Upgrading your Couchbase Server to 2.0.0-1971-rel.
      The upgrade process might take awhile.
      Previous config.dat file is /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat
      Target node: ns_1@

      Couchbase should not be running.
      Please use: /etc/init.d/couchbase-server stop

      Database dir: /data2

      Buckets to upgrade: default

      Checking disk space available for buckets in directory:
      Free disk bucket space wanted: 494982651904.0
      Free disk bucket space available: 570048225280
      Free disk space factor: 2.0

      Analysis complete.

      Copying /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat
      cp /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat /opt/couchbase/bin/install/../../var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat
      Copying /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/ip
      cp /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/ip /opt/couchbase/bin/install/../../var/lib/couchbase/ip
      Ensuring bucket data directories.
      Ensuring bucket data directory: /data2/default
      mkdir -p /data2/default
      Ensuring dbdir owner/group: /data2
      chown -R couchbase:couchbase /data2
      Ensuring dbdir owner/group: /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data
      chown -R couchbase:couchbase /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data
      Upgrading buckets.
      Upgrading bucket: default
      /opt/couchbase/bin/install/../cbtransfer /data2/default-data/default couchstore-files:///data2 -b default --source-vbucket-state=active --destination-vbucket-state=active
      cbdbupgrade pid: 14416
      [ ] 0.0% (0/49997137 msgs)

      Offline upgrade hangs

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