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Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement MB-10156 "XDCR - Cluster Compare" support tool
  • Bug MB-13694 XDCR fails for unknown reason
  • Improvement MB-7614 XDCR: Provide Observe with XDCR

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-13779 Last Friday 7:47 PM GoXDCR: Add time in ui xdcr log, also indicate if goxdcr recovered from previous error
  • Bug MB-13291 Last Friday 7:40 PM GoXDCR : Log CAPI post failure return codes 400, 404 with reasons in goxdcr.log
  • Bug MB-14092 Last Friday 7:40 PM GoXDCR: Dataloss in CAPI replication

Versions: Unreleased

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