Couchbase Server




Technical Debt backlog for later release

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-9632 diag / master events captured in log file
  • Bug MB-6232 ep-engine needs 1.5 minutes to create 1k vbuckets. Seems too slow (faster with barrier=0)
  • Bug MB-8915 Tombstone purger need to find a better home for lifetime of deletion

Issues: Updated recently

  • Improvement MB-11560 Yesterday 4:31 AM Compaction: Don't write to /tmp
  • Task MB-12423 Last Tuesday 1:13 PM Implement a dynamic thread count tuning mechanism to auto-adjust to changes in workload patterns.
  • Bug MB-12352 17/Jul/15 Remove unnesscary couchstore open/reads from backfill