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EndpointDiagnostics.State is not implemented as per the RFC



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      Previous Title: EndpointDiagnostics.State is always "new" for non-KV services. It was found that this is no longer the case.

      When generating a DiagnosticsReport the EndpointDiagnostics.State is always "new" for non-KV service no matter their state:

      • The problem is that there is no way of knowing the state of the HTTP services because the connectivity aspects are handled by the .NET HTTP Client API AFAIK. This needs to be further investigated and if the state cannot be ascertained, then it should be documented as not cause confusion.
      • The state "New" is not valid per the RFC, it should be one of:

         Disconnected, // the endpoint socket is not reachable
          Connecting, // currently connecting (includes auth,...)
          Connected, // connected and ready
          Disconnecting, // disconnecting (after being connected)



      Acceptance Criteria


      EndpointDiagnostics.State should represent the HTTP status of the endpoint/service using one of the following values {Disconnected, Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting}.

      If possible, pull status from the .NET HTTP client. If not, assume a logical status based on SDK code execution (e.g. If a service can be accessed without throwing exceptions, it is safe to assume the service is connected).


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