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Need better explanation of usage and return values of increment operation (and likely others)


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      The current docs for incrememnt: http://www.couchbase.com/docs/couchbase-sdk-net-1.1/couchbase-sdk-net-update-increment.html

      Can there be some attention paid to the above documentation (and will likely be needed across the board in similar areas):
      -Some return values say: CasResult<ulong> (Cas result of bool). What is "Cas result of bool"?
      -Other return values say: IMutateOperationResult (Mutate operation result). Is the same operation really expected to return drastically different object types?
      -Some examples have "var casv = client.GetWithCas("inventory");" before performing the increment. Is it necessary to get the CAS id before performing this type of increment? Is it necessary to supply the CAS id for this type of increment?
      -Some examples have very simply usage, others have more detail:
      var getResult = client.ExecuteGet("inventory");

      if (getResult.Success) {
      var mutateResult client.ExecuteIncrement("inventory", 100, 1, getResult.Cas);

      if (mutateResult.Success)

      { logger.Debug("New value: " + mutateResult.Value); }


      -Can all of the examples be made consistent, and/or just have a single example at the top showing how to perform the incremement and work with the result. Then the various optional methods can be shown below?
      -There seems to be a fair amount of duplication within the methods provided. For example, the last two are exactly the same (even have the same typo on "numvers") and there are other seemingly duplicates throughout.

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