Couchbase .NET client library




Backlog of open tasks and issues that are 'unplanned' for version 2.X.X. All 'planned' tasks etc. will be assigned a release date and version #.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task NCBC-863 Add async/await support to SslConnection
  • Improvement NCBC-864 Add JSON streaming parser to DataMapper/ViewClient
  • Epic NCBC-419 A Linq implementation for N1QL

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug NCBC-873 Today 4:04 AM CCCP bootstrapping fails when custom ports are used
  • Improvement NCBC-1004 Last Wednesday 8:15 PM Refactor ClusterManager class so that it is DRY
  • Improvement NCBC-921 03/Oct/15 Refactor bootstrapping so client doesn't try CCCP by default for memcached buckets