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    • Affects Version/s: 1.1.0-dp5
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    • Component/s: library
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      CentOS 5.5, Apache 2.2, mod_php, PHP5.3, Couchbase 2.0dp5


      (See discussion @!topic/couchbase/z5PWM5lS7gU)

      I've been getting a "Too many files open" warning while accessing pages in my site. I tracked it down to this process using LSOF

      httpd 25992 httpduser 98u unix 0xffff81006cbcf4c0 0t0 6019192 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 99u unix 0xffff810074b160c0 0t0 6019193 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 100r 0000 0,11 0 6063613 eventpoll
      httpd 25992 httpduser 101u unix 0xffff8100701f66c0 0t0 6063614 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 102u unix 0xffff8100701f7a00 0t0 6063615 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 103r 0000 0,11 0 6064737 eventpoll
      httpd 25992 httpduser 104u unix 0xffff8100666eb6c0 0t0 6064738 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 105u unix 0xffff8100666eb980 0t0 6064739 socket
      httpd 25992 httpduser 108r 0000 0,11 0 6064793 eventpoll

      Everytime I refresh a page, two new sockets and one new eventpoll shows up. These socket/eventpoll's only show up on pages that make use of Coucbase – in fact, in the email thread I narrowed it down to a single command page, so I'm pretty sure it's CB here. These FD's stick around until the apache thread is restarted (due to MaxRequestsPerChild limit reached) or an httpd restart. Eventually, the number of FD's opened causes things to go very poorly for the server.

      Utilizing persistent connections lessened the problem, but the number never went down/static, just increased more slowly.

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