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Improvements to the Getting Started Guide and the Tutorial


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      Ruby Docs

          • Getting Started ***


      • link broken: ... is libcouchbase. Please consult [C Client Library page about w ...


      • In the list where the conn params are explained, maybe explain why I need to ouse the list param
        when I have more then one node (where I have to use host?)? Its not really obvious why I have two
        different args for the same type.
      • Maybe add a quick sentence what marhsal does? Serialzining ruby objects? Note that you cant use
        views with it.


      • here it talks about the :plain mode and I'm confused, whats the different to :marshal? Maybe
        good to explain in a sentence.


      • Where basic view querying is explained, I think we need to add a sentence or two on how
        a second HTTP request is maed when you access the design document. Since you ask an array here,
        is it prefetched? how does it work? Would be good to know so that people dont use it in a loop
        for example.
          • Tutorial **


      • I think you need to tell people how to install bundler? I have it, but I'm not sure if it comes
        by default? If it is always there forget this comment
      • Sign in with twitter gives me 401 unauthorized.. do we really need this and is it supposed to
        work? Otherwise the sample app works out of the box, cool work.


      • Can you explain the --old-style-hash in a sentence? Dont know what it is?
      • The short gem description only contains omniauth-twitter, but the full also omniauth?
      • maybe mention to update the dependencies after the changes? bundle update?


      • Where you explain the controller functionality: it's not really obvios how the methods map to the
        views. What will happen when you access a different method that has no view defined? Just a few
        words to explain how the "magical" vie access works would be good I think.


      • On caching: will it use the same couchbase client connection or instantiate a new one?

      Otherwise good job!


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