Couchbase Ruby client library


Change Log

A list of released versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.

  • No issues
    1.3.11 Minor release with updates in build infrastructure and support of libcouchbase 2.4.5
    Release Date: 08/Jan/15
  • 2.0.0.dp1 JRuby with 2.0 SDK API: Datatype support. Common flags
    Release Date: 04/Nov/14
  • No issues
    1.3.10 Minor bugfix release
    Release Date: 03/Oct/14
  • No issues
    1.3.9 Minor release with libcouchbase 2.4 blob for windows
    Release Date: 27/Aug/14
  • No issues
    1.3.8 Minor release with libcouchbase 2.3.1 blob for windows
    Release Date: 11/Jun/14
  • No issues
    Release Date: 19/Apr/14
  • No issues
    1.3.6 Statically link libgcc for windows blob
    Release Date: 17/Feb/14
  • 1.3.5
    Release Date: 05/Feb/14
  • 1.3.4 build 64bit blob for windows, improvements in ActiveSupport cache adapter
    Release Date: 08/Jan/14
  • 1.3.3 Fix segfaulf after failed connection
    Release Date: 15/Sep/13