Version 1.6.5


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Released: 24/Jan/11

Release Notes

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BugMB-1303Unclear wording in tooltip in Add Server dialog's Security "What's this"Aleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-1363fix language in failing over node warning messageAleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-1375Add YAML output for Membase CLIUnassignedClosed
BugMB-1436can not add a node with ns_server 1.6.0beta1-24 to a cluster with version 1.6.0beta1UnassignedResolved
BugMB-1589Wrong focus resulting on failure to add nodeAleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-1624Unexpected cluster rejoin message after reinstallingAleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-1626Windows Developer Kit ReadmeUnassignedClosed
BugMB-1754reinstalling server, then refreshing web browser causes popup errorAleksey KondratenkoClosed
BugMB-1858Join/rename get called twice if we join via wizardAleksey KondratenkoClosed
BugMB-1975Adjust success message when joining a clusterAleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-1977Flush call on REST API returns 400 vs. 501Aleksey KondratenkoClosed
BugMB-2000moxi crashes under binary memcachetest populateSteve YenClosed
BugMB-2021Deleting vbuckets from disk is very slow.UnassignedResolved
BugMB-2064duplicate message on UI after joining clusterAleksey KondratenkoResolved
BugMB-2344cluster devolves to state of not being usableUnassignedResolved
BugMB-2359not using our branding throughout installerUnassignedClosed
BugMB-2414Rebalancing a cluster with multiple buckets fails immediatlyUnassignedClosed
BugMB-2453The Warmup time is always seen as 0 in statsUnassignedResolved
BlockerBugMB-2152No way to change size of memcached bucketsUnassignedClosed
BlockerBugMB-2219memcachetest stats counting retry/backoff time incorrectly?UnassignedClosed
CriticalStoryMB-2586As a Membase developer, I can be notified automatically if ns_server tests break so that I can make changes without fear of hidden breakage.Sean LynchResolved
MajorBugMB-1316installer: moxi/memcached don't start if northscale user has wrong home directoryUnassignedResolved
MajorBugMB-2538Spymemcached issue 136Matt IngenthronResolved
MinorBugMB-1406can not remove a single down node in a multi down node clusterThuan NguyenClosed
MinorImprovementMB-1635Allow one to specify just the IP address on the moxi command-lineUnassignedResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1797allow changing of all network portsFrank WeigelResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1825Need clusterwide analytics pageAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1860No visible message when failing to join a cluster due to firewallFrank WeigelResolved
MinorBugMB-1883LHM highlighting and top nav wrong on Monitor > Data BucketsAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1984Add server overview screenAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1985Add the setup screenAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2012Support FedoraFrank WeigelResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2135Document Membase CLIUnassignedResolved
MinorBugMB-2306Deleting nonexistent bucket returns "OK"Aleksey KondratenkoResolved
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