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BugMB-1816windows setup.exe for just moxiAnil KumarResolved
CriticalImprovementMB-18769N1QL: Covered query with meta().type in where clause not giving correct results Keshav MurthyOpen
CriticalImprovementMB-19326Add replicateto and persistto with full rollback under errorCihan BiyikogluOpen
CriticalImprovementMB-19475Index scans in system keyspacesMarco GrecoOpen
CriticalImprovementMB-19600Improve the index build time with append-only writes during initial index build even when circular-writes is the write mode for the indexCihan BiyikogluOpen
CriticalImprovementMB-19625add a tuneable for cbq-engine go garbage collectionKeshav MurthyOpen
CriticalEpicMB-19903[N1QL:Collections] Support Collections in N1QLKeshav MurthyOpen
CriticalTaskMB-20251[CX] Metadata entities for shadow datasets and bucketsAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalTaskMB-20252[CX] Merge extension component for Servlets and handling extension statementsAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalTaskMB-20259[CX] Merge create bucket statementAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalTaskMB-20261[CX] Add create shadow dataset to optAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalTaskMB-20262[CX] Merge (dis)connect bucket statementAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalStoryMB-20296[CX] Filtered shadow datasetsAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
CriticalStoryMB-20389[CX] create sample cluster start script for windowsMichael BlowIn Progress
CriticalBugMB-20483[CX] Not able to connect to feed: Connection refusedPrerna ManaktalaResolved
CriticalImprovementMB-20626avoiding full scan on whole IN clause as query parameter.Keshav MurthyOpen
MajorImprovementMB-1644Need to be able to change WebUI portFrank WeigelResolved
MajorImprovementMB-1648Store last persisted time in the FSAaron MillerClosed
MajorImprovementMB-18506[AngularUI] RBAC - suggestion - we should paginate users like how we paginate documentsPavel BlagodovOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18513Workbench UI: hard to read output of reprinting multi-line query in the event of an errorEben HaberOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18514Workbench UI: Sanitize input before pasting into editorEben HaberOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18652Indexer should use .compact for file names when compactingCihan BiyikogluOpen
MajorTaskMB-18660cache RBAC information for better performanceArtem StemkovskiOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18671N1QL: Array Indexing: meta with an array index should be covered inpite of the particular array field being present in the indexPrasad VarakurOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18694[Query Workbench] Add the Pretty Format for N1QL editorAnil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18736GSI parallel compactionCihan BiyikogluOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18739Show important indexer log messages in UISriram MelkoteOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18742Query Workbench: extend "cancel" to the "show anyway" of a large datasetEben HaberOpen
MajorBugMB-18758[FTS] UI: warning when creating/updating index definition and not enough nodes to meet replication factorWill GardellaOpen
MajorBugMB-18891[FTS] MCP should perhaps pause ingest for pindexes on nodes that are rebalancing out as an optimization?Steve YenOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18904N1ql: DML Error should be thrown for all duplicate entries being inserted Keshav MurthyOpen
MajorBugMB-18915[FTS] compaction should be controlled across pindexesSteve YenOpen
MajorImprovementMB-18957cbbackup Check for existing running instanceMike WiederholdOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19044Support Oracle Linux 7Anil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19078Add an cbq option to not echo the file content in the “-f” caseIsha KandaswamyOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19084Advanced cbq shell: changing history file path on a shell does save history in the new path but a different instance of shell doesnt load history from same new pathIsha KandaswamyOpen
MajorTaskMB-19211[DGM Scenario] Rebalance is taking long timeDave FinlayOpen
MajorBugMB-19243[FTS] Auto fuzzy supportMarty SchochOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19261XDCR should prompt in UI if remote cluster auth fails.Yu SuiResolved
MajorBugMB-19262Query Workbench caches queries in localstorageEben HaberOpen
MajorBugMB-19265[FTS] need to set deadlines for conn reads & writes?Steve YenResolved
MajorBugMB-19298[Entbackup] audit entries not created while restoring dataMike WiederholdOpen
MajorBugMB-19308Need a way to audit N1QL statementsKeshav MurthyOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19336MOXI support requestedDon PintoOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19353On-disk directory structure slightly confusingDave FinlayOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19392[OSX] Use different data directory based on versionCihan BiyikogluOpen
MajorBugMB-19408[FTS] use DCP-NOOP timeouts to help keep DCP connections aliveSteve YenOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19445covered primary scan on system:<keyspaces> is not workingMarco GrecoOpen
MajorBugMB-19446[FTS] add stat showing forestdb/disk activitySteve YenOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19487Segregate disk IO metrics by data and index operations in management consoleCihan BiyikogluOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19492LDAP user name mapping should be case insensitive RFC2251Artem StemkovskiOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19505Enhance ep_perfsuite to work in full-eviction modeChiyoung SeoOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19534API call to check if a cluster needs rebalancingAnil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19554Primary index status shown as created after restoring a bucket with only secondary indexes built using defer_buildSriram MelkoteOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19609Node-to-node encryption in CouchbaseDon PintoOpen
MajorTaskMB-19682Support custom compression/fetch operations in ForestDBAbhinav DangetiOpen
MajorTaskMB-19693Investigate why RYOW + MOI performance throughput is lower than stale=false Cihan BiyikogluClosed
MajorBugMB-19698[FTS] Inject results of a function call into index / stored fieldsSteve YenResolved
MajorImprovementMB-19730Improve query timings for count(*) with group by clause or define a benchmarkPrasad VarakurOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19776Add data validation and constraints (uniqueness, referential integrity) for JSON dataUnassignedOpen
MajorBugMB-19826Remote cluster XDCR setup must accept LDAP credentialsYu SuiOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19828Provide passwordless auth mechanisms for XDCR Aliaksey ArtamonauOpen
MajorBugMB-19856[FTS] FTS Collections SupportSteve YenOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19867point in time restore with enterprise backup restore toolAnil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19868Multi-cluster Management with Web ConsoleAnil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19881Improve cost of loggingKeshav MurthyOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19882Secondary indexing to provide ability for n1ql to terminate create indexJohn LiangOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19894Better protection for correctness of query results with data using TTL + Covering indexesJohn LiangOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19930Set pretty=false by defaultKeshav MurthyOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19959Be more web proxy friendlyAnil KumarOpen
MajorImprovementMB-19973Distinguish between keyspaces at FROM level and subqueryPrerna ManaktalaResolved
MajorBugMB-20042substr should start from 1Keshav MurthyOpen
MajorBugMB-20083Timeout mechanism for data ingestionTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20089[CX] Deal with rebalance during ingestionAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorImprovementMB-20228Be able to select from indexKeshav MurthyOpen
MajorTaskMB-20249[CX] review Introduce NC to NC MessagingTill WestmannIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20253[CX] Order by bug for composite order keys and nested fieldsYingyi BuClosed
MajorTaskMB-20254[CX] Review SQL++ documentationTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20255[CX] Incorrect operator precedence orderYingyi BuResolved
MajorStoryMB-20257[CX] Union All for heterogeneous input typesYingyi BuClosed
MajorStoryMB-20258[CX] Add BETWEEN operatorYingyi BuOpen
MajorTaskMB-20260[CX] Prepare tech talkTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20264[CX] Add CB Ingestion Performance TestsAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorTaskMB-20265[CX] Add tests for rollback for 1 vbucket while other vbuckets are still insertingAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorTaskMB-20266[CX] Prepare a comprehensive ingestion test planAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorTaskMB-20267[CX] Update Jenkins to consume test support from asterix-optMichael BlowClosed
MajorTaskMB-20268[CX] Add more integration tests for ingestionAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorTaskMB-20270[CX] Introduce the necessary NC2NC communication during ingestionAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorTaskMB-20271[CX] review "Add Asterix Extension Manager"Till WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20272[CX] Merge the CASE expression supportYingyi BuResolved
MajorStoryMB-20273[CX] Clarify initial CB HTTP servlet featuresMichael BlowIn Progress
MajorStoryMB-20274[CX] Write up exception refactoring proposalMichael BlowOpen
MajorTaskMB-20275[CX] review CASE expressionTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20276[CX] ASTERIXDB-1516 (Unable to find free page in buffer cache after 3 cycle)Michael BlowResolved
MajorTaskMB-20277[CX] Source debugging for code-gen functionsMichael BlowClosed
MajorTaskMB-20278[CX] Add additional CX integration testsMichael BlowResolved
MajorTaskMB-20280[CX] Update published installer to not contain managixMichael BlowClosed
MajorTaskMB-20281[CX] review ASTERIX-1135 Fix Feed Policy Creation From FileTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20305[CX] Add sample local clusterMichael BlowClosed
MajorStoryMB-20306[CX] Create CBAS InstallerMichael BlowResolved
MajorBugMB-20315[CX] disconnect feed beer_feed from table beers giving Error through Web InterfaceAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorImprovementMB-20324Allow bucket auto-compaction settings to be created and edited from couchbase-cliMike WiederholdOpen
MajorTaskMB-20325[CX] review ASTERIXDB-1552: Test Case for Sample Local ClusterTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20367[CX] NPE Exception - using three "for" loopsYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20368NPE for negative expressionYingyi BuOpen
MajorBugMB-20369[CX] Need to investigate why this query blows the frame sizeYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20370[CX] Semantically equivalent FLWOR expressions involving dataset lookup; one executes fine, other fails with NPE during compilationYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20371[CX] Support analytics/service endpointTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20372[CX] string value turns into "null" value when not castedYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20373[CX] Create query language specific query/service endpointsTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20376[CX] Merge the extension change to masterAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorBugMB-20377[CX] Renaming: "table"->"dataset", "database"->"dataverse"Yingyi BuClosed
MajorTaskMB-20378[CX] review UNION ALLTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20379[CX] Demo for tech talk?Till WestmannResolved
MajorStoryMB-20380[CX] Prepare tech talkMike CareyResolved
MajorBugMB-20399[CX] Finalize portsWill GardellaIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20419[CX] Implement Couchbase Uniform Logging FormatTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20422[CX] Fix AsterixDB loggingTill WestmannOpen
MajorStoryMB-20436[CX] Move integration tests to new endpoint.Michael BlowResolved
MajorBugMB-20445[CX] NPE for negative expressionYingyi BuClosed
MajorStoryMB-20446[CX] Separate degree-of-parallelism between computation and storageYingyi BuOpen
MajorTaskMB-20447[CX] Code review for "clean up GROUP BY and WITH clause"Till WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20450[CX] review CBAS SQL++ extensionsYingyi BuClosed
MajorTaskMB-20452[CX] Add ingestion tests for new syntaxAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorTaskMB-20454[CX] Prepare requirements for Java SDK for CouchbaseConnectorAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorTaskMB-20455[CX] *DB talkMike CareyResolved
MajorTaskMB-20456[CX] review bug fixesTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20457[CX] Plan docs/rollout Till WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20461[CX] java.lang.NullPointerException shown when there is no feed and queriesTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20471[CX] String encoding issueTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20476[CX] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException writing simple recordsYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20478[CX] NPE when translate a queryYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20501[CX] Running doesnt complete in few scenariosMichael BlowOpen
MajorBugMB-20502[CX] start cluster script does not throw any message if cluster is already running.Michael BlowIn Progress
MajorTaskMB-20505[CX] Look at the index-only plan change Till WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20506[CX] Could not resolve type for function-call: field-access-by-nameYingyi BuClosed
MajorTaskMB-20513[CX] review shadowing statementsTill WestmannResolved
MajorBugMB-20514[CX] SELECT * subqueries result in NPEYingyi BuClosed
MajorStoryMB-20516[CX] Support COUNT(*)Yingyi BuOpen
MajorTaskMB-20522[CX] Document CBAS file locationsMichael BlowResolved
MajorTaskMB-20524[CX] Create Hyracks releaseMichael BlowOpen
MajorTaskMB-20527[CX] Discuss release checklistTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20531[CX] Create parity wrt N1QL built-in functionsWill GardellaOpen
MajorBugMB-20532[CX] Cleanup error message for undefined aliasYingyi BuIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20534[CX] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in HAVING clause subqueriesYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20535[CX] Cleanup error handling for duplicate aliases in FROM clauseYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20536[CX] Subquery and index access in WHERE clauseYingyi BuClosed
MajorBugMB-20537[CX] Multiple "in"s in "and"/"or"s in a WHERE clause result in non-executable plansYingyi BuOpen
MajorBugMB-20538[CX] Implement a mini set of scalar functionsYingyi BuIn Progress
MajorTaskMB-20541[CX] Review SELECT * for subqueriesTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20542[CX] Remove duplicate AQL 101 docsMike CareyOpen
MajorTaskMB-20543[CX] Add SQL++ 101 docMike CareyOpen
MajorTaskMB-20545[CX] Finalize SQL++ reference docMike CareyResolved
MajorTaskMB-20546[CX] review bug fixesTill WestmannResolved
MajorTaskMB-20547[CX] review SQL++ docsYingyi BuOpen
MajorBugMB-20569[CX] Wrong bucketname in file gives a bad error messageAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorBugMB-20571[CX] Posting multiple requests using curl command to http://localhost:8095/analytics/service hangsTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20572[CX] does not report error when 8095 port is already being usedMichael BlowIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20580[CX] Failed to open index with resource ID -1 since it does not existTill WestmannIn Progress
MajorImprovementMB-20624[CX] Decide whether new builtin types value and meta should be part of Metadata DataverseTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20632[CX] Combining SQL-92 type join and left outer join throws NPEYingyi BuIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20633[CX] Subquery inside case when clause throws ConcurrentModificationExceptionYingyi BuOpen
MajorBugMB-20634[CX] Ordering by aggregated field throws NPEYingyi BuOpen
MajorImprovementMB-20635[CX] Use Couchbase CC and NC EntryPoints with CBAS connector runtime testsAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorImprovementMB-20636[CX] Fix deletes for filtered shadow datasetsAbdullah AlamoudiResolved
MajorTaskMB-20637[CX] Test CBAS SQL++ DDL extensionMike CareyOpen
MajorTaskMB-20638[CX] '?' for Index declarationsMike CareyIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20639[CX] JSON result printer needs to deal with special double/float valuesTill WestmannOpen
MajorTaskMB-20641[CX] review composite key index fixYingyi BuIn Progress
MajorBugMB-20643[CX] OnError while emitting onNext value: com.couchbase.client.core.message.config.BucketConfigResponse.classTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20646[CX] Design Default System Dataverses, Datasets, DataTypesTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20655[CX] Wrong error message when bucketname is left empty in fileAbdullah AlamoudiOpen
MajorBugMB-20656[CX] Dataset/Bucket does not exist messages shown in result even after dropping themTill WestmannOpen
MajorBugMB-20668[CX] & not allowed in dataset nameTill WestmannOpen
MinorImprovementMB-1144Allow for "disk" only replicasDipti BorkarClosed
MinorImprovementMB-1229clone to grow supportDipti BorkarResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1376Forum request: Allow for setting web console port during install/initial setupFrank WeigelResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1576moxi should use REST against all servers in JSON responseSteve YenResolved
MinorImprovementMB-1709need to log to system log if node cannot startUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementMB-1987Change disk quota to megabytes on all screenAlk (old) KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2036Make passing a user/pass to Moxi easierSteve YenResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2096Better logging needed when we run out of file descriptorsAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorStoryMB-2153Monitor/change size of memcached bucketsUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementMB-2183Add feature for automatic failover of nodeUnassignedResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2195Monitor Data Buckets need to be grouped by Bucket Type and show different stats for Memcached BucketsAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2321Add "About" link to setup wizardAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2390umbrella bug for UI improvmentsAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2424Allow for dynamic start/stop of purging of expired itemsDipti BorkarResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2426Add high/low water marks for decision to scan and purge expired itemsDipti BorkarResolved
MinorImprovementMB-2506Error on Ubuntu installation around groupadd/useraddAleksey KondratenkoResolved
MinorImprovementMB-18634Show "sort count" in Query Workbench with Order By queriesEben HaberOpen
MinorBugMB-18704[FTS] blevex japaneseSteve YenOpen
MinorImprovementMB-18877Have option CBDOCLOADER to spool error documents to an error fileMike WiederholdClosed
MinorBugMB-18982cbreset_password should take "y" as a valid responseAnders NygrenResolved
MinorTaskMB-19159[CX] Support default host format for ingestionAbdullah AlamoudiIn Progress
MinorImprovementMB-19244bulk insert to Couchbase from oracleMike WiederholdOpen
MinorImprovementMB-19410"Hard Out Of Memory Error" is potentially misleadingCihan BiyikogluOpen
MinorImprovementMB-19784support additional drop index syntaxKeshav MurthyOpen
MinorBugMB-20336[CX] SQL++ document shows unsupported featuresWill GardellaOpen
MinorBugMB-20453[CX] Preclustered Group by is displayed incorrectly in the web UIYingyi BuResolved
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