Version 1.3.0


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Released: 04/Dec/13

Release Notes

Connection pool refactoring and Bug FixesShow more
BlockerImprovementNCBC-310Refactor Connection PoolJeff MorrisResolved
BlockerTaskNCBC-320Run Situational Tests AgainstSaakshi ManochaResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-81ExecuteGet() for DictionaryType on multiple keys does not throw a exception if it is not able to connect to a nodeJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-170evaluate socket pool reliability changeJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-198When performing MultiGet, unloading AppDomain crashes the hostJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-306.NET GetJSON operation throws null reference exceptionJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-311Uncaught Null Reference Exception causes host process to terminateJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-5Missing dataJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-6Non-working testsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-68Getting a thread abort (ocassionally) on storeJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-100Provide Extract of Comments for API DocsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-126Implement keep-alive logic for data connectionsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-173Use Couchbase.Management API to create buckets and views for unit tests requiring custom setupsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-174Fix invalid tests in NUnit project.Saakshi ManochaResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-226Docs: Reference installationJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-242ExecuteGet-multi should return detailed status results for each keyJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-279Change the internal data structure for connections from a stack to a queueJeff MorrisResolved
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-293enhance or create new multiget to allow getting details on missing itemsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-299Update Project References from Nuget to Local Projects in the SolutionJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-307Refactor/Re-implement Connection PoolJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-308KeyExists does not release socket pool if not foundJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-316GetJson unable to retrieve list of intsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-317Mark Sync operations as obsoleteJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-318Status Code list contains duplicate valueJeff MorrisClosed
MajorTaskNCBC-319Update 3rd party project dependencies to most recent versionsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-324ExecuteGet(string key, DateTime newExpiration) returns unexpected result codesJeff MorrisClosed
MajorImprovementNCBC-325MemcachedClient.ExecuteGet(IEnumerable<string> keys) is not returning any error code on connection error Jeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-328Link to Jira issues in release notesJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-329Ensure IOperationResult returns StatusCode on failure.Jeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-330During finalization a NRE is thrown on SocketPoolJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-331Change queueTimeout default from 100ms to 2500msJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-332DeadTimeout of 10s is too highMatt IngenthronResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-333NCBC-310: Amendment #3 - reference cleanup when SocketPool is disposedJeff MorrisResolved
MinorImprovementNCBC-233Enhance packaging to not conflict with other tools that include Enyim.Caching via NugetJeff MorrisResolved
MinorBugNCBC-248Touch should return a booleanJeff MorrisResolved
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