Version 1.2.1


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Released: 05/Feb/13

Release Notes

Bug fixes and bucket flushingShow more
BlockerBugNCBC-137design document management is not in the documentation or API referenceJohn ZablockiClosed
CriticalImprovementNCBC-166allow full fidelity of keys with .NET clientJohn ZablockiClosed
CriticalImprovementNCBC-171Document configuration options and timeout settings in .NET clientJohn ZablockiClosed
CriticalBugNCBC-172NRE In view query during rebalance-inJohn ZablockiClosed
CriticalBugNCBC-192NRE when executing ops against down node or invalid configurationJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-1error format changingJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-53"Cas" should be capitalizedJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-75Sync operation does not actually exist, and it should not say "Membase"John ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-79Store mode example using replace is incorrectJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorImprovementNCBC-98document the connection pool optionsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-122whitespace not allowed by defaultJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-144CreateDesignDocument() exceptionPerry KrugClosed
MajorBugNCBC-150Increment examples show incorrect initialization of keyJohn ZablockiResolved
MajorBugNCBC-165GetView doesn't return an exception if the view doesn't exist.John ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-181Docs do not explain Execute* operation resultsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-182API summary links don't go anywhereJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-186Links for Execute methods from API reference go nowhereJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-189NRE thrown in Increment/Decrement with CASJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-190Support bucket flushingJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-191Update submodule to latest Enyim commitsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-195NRE when executing view query on authenticated bucket without proper credentialsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorImprovementNCBC-197When 0 bytes received on socket, IO Exception thrown with message "?"John ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-205Document how to use TTL with JSON extension methodsJohn ZablockiResolved
MajorBugNCBC-206Method links anchor to awkward section of pageMC BrownResolved
MajorBugNCBC-208Missing method summaries in API docsJohn ZablockiClosed
MajorBugNCBC-212ExecuteRemove swallows status codeJohn ZablockiClosed
MinorImprovementNCBC-159Add Debug option to queriesJohn ZablockiClosed
MinorNew FeatureNCBC-179Add expiries and CAS to StoreJson extension methodsMatt IngenthronResolved
MinorBugNCBC-185document bugsSaakshi ManochaResolved
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