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Backlog of open tasks and issues that are 'unplanned' for version 1.X.X. All 'planned' tasks etc. will be assigned a release date and version #.Show more
BlockerImprovementNCBC-309Move .NET API documentation from docs repo to auto-docJeff MorrisClosed
BlockerTaskNCBC-338When a connection is dropped by the server, the client does not handle it gracefully.Jeff MorrisOpen
BlockerTaskNCBC-340System.InvalidOperationException an asynchronous module or handler completed while an asynchronous operation was still pendingJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalNew FeatureNCBC-29programmatically set all the Couchbase configurationsJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalBugNCBC-196Config updates seem to be occuring when vbucket configuration hasn't changedJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalBugNCBC-253flush_all method still available through API, does nothing against 2.0 clusterJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalTaskNCBC-326Under load, OORE thrown when accessing viewJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalTaskNCBC-336Improve thoroughput during rebalance scenariosJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalImprovementNCBC-458check terse bucket info URI automatically before checking full bucket URIJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-4default logging on Enyim should include INFO level logging on connections being droppedJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-14building under CISaakshi ManochaResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-36Enhance intelligence of client to know about all nodes of a cluster for making REST connectionMatt IngenthronOpen
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-44Optimize multiple set (multi-set or mset bulk update) with setqJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-77Need details on "StoreMode" valuesMatt IngenthronReopened
MajorImprovementNCBC-84Replica read command Jeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-97Stats call doesn't handle I/O errorJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-101Provide Consistent TimeoutsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-113CouchbaseCluster RESTful wrappers should not expose WebExceptionsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-120Statistics through Stats() Enyim.Caching.MemcachedClient.Jeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-153InvalidOperationException in views during server restartJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-162Handle "no active vbucket" view failureJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-175Authenticated view tests should use app.configJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-183Docs should use Execute* methods with best practice error handling and logging in all examplesJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-204JSON extension methods not listed in API referencesJeff MorrisReopened
MajorImprovementNCBC-214Docs don't mention InnerResultJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-215BinaryOperation failues should include messageJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-219Write the .NET/Windows Getting Started Section for the Essentials GuidesJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-221Docs: working with multiple buckets in the .NET clientJeff MorrisClosed
MajorImprovementNCBC-235Provide more detail on "Unable to locate node" errorsJeff MorrisClosed
MajorBugNCBC-252Docs/Library: Unlock after getlJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-269Link broken to nlog configuration fileAmy KurtzmanClosed
MajorBugNCBC-273Better document the DevelpomentModeNameTransformerJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-286Accessing key data when using strongly-typed viewsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-302"Failed to initialize the pool" errors in MVC ApplicationJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-322Setup Sandcastle and generate documentationJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-335Admin credentials required to create a design documentJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-376Refactor Unit Test Project-Part 2Jeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-378Randomize Nodes when Responding to NotMyVBucket RequestsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-388Improve Nunit testsSaakshi ManochaOpen
MajorStoryNCBC-392Standardize, Document and Change Logging Levels for ClientJeff MorrisResolved
MajorStoryNCBC-393Deprecate or Rewrite MulitGet OperationsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-397Document changes to logging levels including BPJeff MorrisResolved
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-398Support Json.NET >= 6.0.1Jeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-423Add couchbase cluster compatibility to documentationJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-506Creating two or more client instances on adjacent lines creates deadlockJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-507View {0} was mapped to a dead node, failingJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-520GetView returns IVIEW with IVIEWROWS which are NULLJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-584GetVBucket throws not implemented exception. Jeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-611CouchbaseAspNet 1.2.1 Nuget package was released built in debug modeJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-655.NET Client seeing many pauses during RebalanceJeff DillonResolved
MajorBugNCBC-686Use POST when requesting a View if the URI exceeds the maximum character lengthJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-1065View requests are mapped to dead nodeJeff MorrisOpen
MinorTechnical taskNCBC-12logging level documentation needed Matt IngenthronReopened
MinorBugNCBC-135Client not properly handling cluster_run serverJeff MorrisOpen
MinorBugNCBC-152Couchbase Client hangs during instantion of the Client if the request to is blocked or never returnsSaakshi ManochaClosed
MinorNew FeatureNCBC-202add a keyStats featureJeff MorrisOpen
MinorBugNCBC-207Could not find the pool '...' at http://host:8091/pools : password-less buckets make the other buckets unavailableJeff MorrisOpen
MinorImprovementNCBC-232Fix CBSE-426 - .Net Client fails silently if there is a wrong configurationJeff MorrisOpen
MinorTaskNCBC-339CreateBucket when no buckets exist Jeff MorrisOpen
MinorImprovementNCBC-342Debug [VIEWS:EXC_UNEXPECTED] errors seen in 1.3.0 code after connection pool changesSaakshi ManochaResolved
MinorBugNCBC-431Doc: Sockpool Formatting wrong.Jeff MorrisOpen
MinorTaskNCBC-710CouchbaseViewBase.GetEnumerator throws NotImplementedExceptionJeff MorrisOpen
TrivialImprovementNCBC-578Non Obtrusive JSON Document DeseralizationJeff MorrisOpen
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