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Backlog of open tasks and issues that are 'unplanned' for version 2.X.X. All 'planned' tasks etc. will be assigned a release date and version #.Show more
BlockerStoryNCBC-363Implement Client Configuration ManagementJeff MorrisResolved
BlockerStoryNCBC-420N1QL Support for ad-hoc queriesJeff MorrisResolved
BlockerTaskNCBC-863Add async/await support to SslConnectionJeff MorrisOpen
BlockerImprovementNCBC-864Add JSON streaming parser to DataMapper/ViewClientJeff MorrisNew
CriticalNew FeatureNCBC-312Client API documentation for the creation of Design Docs/ViewsJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalStoryNCBC-418SASL AuthenticationJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalEpicNCBC-419A Linq implementation for N1QLJeff MorrisIn Progress
CriticalTaskNCBC-422Check that a CCCP config's rev# is greater than the currentJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalStoryNCBC-497Compression SupportJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalStoryNCBC-498Common FlagsJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-803add raw handling of objects to the documentationJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalBugNCBC-813Add documentation for performance tuning, managing clusters and handling errorsJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalImprovementNCBC-815Investigate and improve performance of ViewClient and QueryClient HTTP requestsJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalBugNCBC-830Transcoding Dictionaries between 1.3.X and 2.X failsJeff MorrisOpen
CriticalBugNCBC-900Switching from asynchronous to synchronous context causes some bucket methods to hangJeff MorrisReopened
CriticalBugNCBC-936GetWithReplica returns NMV during rebalanceJeff MorrisNew
CriticalImprovementNCBC-942Automate unit test environment setupJeff MorrisResolved
CriticalBugNCBC-1020After Remove is called Exists returns true for a deleted keyJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-39Minimize key size by storing as binary arrayMatt IngenthronOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-123Set, add, and replace should be separate methodsMatt IngenthronResolved documentation : long values greater than 2^53 need to be stored as stringMC BrownResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-350Develop "View Operations" component of client fir .NET 2.0 SDKJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-367Design and Implement Base Operation FunctionalityJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-371Develop a Streaming HTTP Server Configuration ProviderJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-372Develop a CCCP Server Configuration ProviderJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTaskNCBC-403Update 2.X to use Apache Common Infrastructure Libraries for .NETJeff MorrisResolved
MajorStoryNCBC-410Subclass KeyMapper for VBucket and Ketama based Key mappingJeff MorrisClosed
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-411Develop VBucket based KeymapperJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-413Refactor ConfigContext so that keymapping details are contained only within the IKeyMapper implJeff MorrisResolved
MajorBugNCBC-539ManualByteConvert.ToUInt64 returns invalid numberJeff MorrisClosed
MajorTaskNCBC-573Handle case where client is in state where no node is available to handle request.Jeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-628Create build script for 2.0 SDKJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-680Support for fail fast cluster operations incase of down nodeJeff MorrisOpen
MajorStoryNCBC-743Provide support for N1QL Prepared StatementsJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-744Provide implementation for positional parametersJeff MorrisResolved
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-745Provide implemention for named parametersJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-746Remove dependency to Json.Net in creation of ClusterInfoSimon BasléOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-764Implement DNS-SRVJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-765Implement Common Connection StringJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-771Add support for batch queriesJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-772Add support for RYOWJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-781Measure and evaluate performance benefits of different implementations of multi methodsJeff MorrisIn Progress
MajorBugNCBC-821Getting Couchbase .Net SDK picture is very oldJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-841Refactor Connection class to use a pool of SAEAJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-852Pull redudent methods of bucket implementations into new base class: BucketBaseJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-857ensure error is understandable when bucket auth request fails to find a bucketJeff MorrisNew
MajorTaskNCBC-861Update logging documentation and blogJeff MorrisIn Progress
MajorBugNCBC-873CCCP bootstrapping fails when custom ports are usedJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-907Make retry policy pluggable/extensible - similar to Java SDKJeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-910MemcachedBucket incorrectly uses observe cmd for Exists and ExistsAsyncJeff MorrisNew
MajorStoryNCBC-915Support .Net Core / DNX CoreJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-920Remove password/username from all logged cluster maps or configs with log levels > DEBUGJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-921Refactor bootstrapping so client doesn't try CCCP by default for memcached bucketsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-926Improve thoroughput when cluster node goess offline without failoverJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-937GitWithReplicaAsync needs retry logic similar to NCBC-934Jeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-938Document that CRUD methods return null for the value propertyJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-939Make the return value of CRUD operations IOperationResult (not IOperationResult<T>)Jeff MorrisNew
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-943Automate cluster creationJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-945Install SSL certsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-946Create primary indexes for buckets executing N1QL queriesJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTechnical taskNCBC-947Create design document for View QueriesJeff MorrisOpen
MajorNew FeatureNCBC-953Exists for Memcached bucketsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorTaskNCBC-954Provide TimeSpan for expiry property of IDocumentJeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-958Provide sane checks for max and min pool sizes.Jeff MorrisNew
MajorTaskNCBC-959Investigate .NET native packages for NuGetJeff MorrisNew
MajorTaskNCBC-960Investigate changing dependencies of the SDK to DNX.Jeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-963Make all timeouts TimeSpan's instead of uint/int. Jeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-964Ensure ServicePoint manager is configured w/consistent defaults wrt to other SDK's HTTP libsJeff MorrisOpen
MajorImprovementNCBC-971Improve on cluster factory configurationJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-974Drop in ops/s due to timeouts and unhandled exception with memcached bucketJeff MorrisOpen
MajorBugNCBC-981When FQDN is defined for Couchbase instance SSL failsJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-984Refactor URI generation for Views, Spatial Views and N1QL queriesJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-993Change NuGet tags so the Couchbase SDK is first in a search for "Couchbase"Jeff MorrisReopened
MajorTaskNCBC-994Upgrade development environment and projects to VS2015Jeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-995Improve on message returned when BootstrapException is thrownJeff MorrisNew
MajorTaskNCBC-996Add support for provisioning a cluster to ClusterManagerJeff MorrisResolved
MajorImprovementNCBC-1004Refactor ClusterManager class so that it is DRYJeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-1018Enhanced durability doesn't use the bucket's replica limit (and somehow works?)Jeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-1019Async methods in DefaultIOStrategy are not enabling enhanced durabilityJeff MorrisNew
MajorImprovementNCBC-1023Implement IO multiplexing/pipelining Jeff MorrisIn Progress
MajorTaskNCBC-1024Rename IOStrategy to ....Jeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-1028Bucket password and name are not being added to HTTP headers for N1QL requestJeff MorrisNew
MajorBugNCBC-1029"creds" field not being acknowledged by serverJeff MorrisNew
MinorNew FeatureNCBC-41As a .NET developer, I have an API that allows me to access all of the features of TAP so that I can make use of all of the powers of Couchbase.Matt IngenthronResolved
MinorTaskNCBC-466Provide a way of creating a bucket, when requested, if it doesn't exist (?)Jeff MorrisResolved
MinorTaskNCBC-565Remove "verbose" logging and tracingJeff MorrisOpen
MinorBugNCBC-580not able to openBucket after certificate uninstalled/regenerated when ClientConfiguration uses SSL, BucketConfig doesn'tJeff MorrisOpen
MinorBugNCBC-672Create LoadDocument() method to be an analog to GetDocument()Jeff MorrisOpen
MinorImprovementNCBC-760Separate tests in "Unit" and "Integration" categoriesJeff MorrisOpen
MinorImprovementNCBC-761Allow CloseBucket behavior on IBucket in addition to IClusterJeff MorrisOpen
MinorTaskNCBC-812Logging feedbackJeff MorrisOpen
MinorBugNCBC-975unhandled object disposed exception during query workloadJeff MorrisNew
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