Release Notes - Couchbase Server - Version 2.0-beta - HTML format


  • [MB-946] - amount of time to load data before servicing requests is very long
  • [MB-1225] - moxi semantics: upstream conns should be associated to a preferred downstream
  • [MB-1598] - Accuracy of memory tracking insufficient.
  • [MB-1615] - ability to promote a RC to release with recompiling
  • [MB-1906] - On Monitor data bucket graphics "M" and "K" is used instead of "MB" and "KB"
  • [MB-2091] - get doxy output into
  • [MB-2100] - Log basic session data in main db.
  • [MB-2160] - Disk space from deleted items needs to be reclaimed
  • [MB-2272] - Max hourly stats does not match the max minute stats
  • [MB-2429] - Need to validate/document REST in manual and on Wiki
  • [MB-2439] - No limitation for bucket bucket name length


  • [MB-1454] - vbucket-level stats
  • [MB-1467] - need to be able to query from a replica vbucket

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