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  • [MB-2389] - Review the uninstall strategy
  • [MB-3373] - dbconvert doesn't compile on SunOS
  • [MB-3465] - vb_chunk_del very slow on
  • [MB-3707] - memcached crash intermittently, segfault from within notify_io_complete
  • [MB-3720] - 1 node down causes other 2 to restart vbm until "max restart is reached" and then kill buckets
  • [MB-3732] - getl fix backport needed
  • [MB-3736] - Potential for data loss during transfer of actively changing vbucket when rebalancing nodes
  • [MB-3743] - default_engine TAP cursor assertions
  • [MB-3751] - touch and gat causes immediate expiration
  • [MB-3770] - tap connection is paused during rebalance and resumes after 5 mins ( tap_keep_alive)
  • [MB-3795] - vbucket migrator when receiving a NOOP at the end of a rebalance; slows things down a lot

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