Release Notes - Couchbase Server - Version 1.7.2 - HTML format


  • [MB-3257] - membase-cli: changing password error message error
  • [MB-3300] - default bucket cannot be created on port 11211, must specify a different port
  • [MB-3301] - bucket-create creates sasl bucket with port 11212 passed on cli
  • [MB-3865] - "/opt/membase/bin/membase server-list" returns incorrect error when no username/pass is supplied
  • [MB-3954] - UI displays a failover warning when failing over second node even when replica factor is 2
  • [MB-4160] - unable to change the admin(REST) port from 8091
  • [MB-4180] - ([rb_server,stop,infinity]}}}, error when grabbing diags from 8 node cluster) - membase server closes the connection when grabbing diagnostics
  • [MB-4202] - C++ STL memory pool allocator causes memory leak during multiple prepend/append on the same key
  • [MB-4224] - remove incremental backup from ep-engine
  • [MB-4250] - Janitor cleanup of dead vbuckets causes performance problems
  • [MB-4258] - tap dump command hangs after running for 15 minutes
  • [MB-4260] - accessing /pools/default/buckets/default shouldn't require password authentication
  • [MB-4275] - Replica is not turned into active when server is added back into cluster
  • [MB-4283] - failed to upgrade to 1.7.2 from to then to 1.7.2 in windows
  • [MB-4287] - memcached prepend doesn't limit the value size to 20MB and causes huge memory leak in the application
  • [MB-4295] - Upgrade from ->1.7.0 -> is not supported
  • [MB-4323] - active items is reset to 0 after failing over a node where replica is two
  • [MB-4344] - dispatcher stops persisting items to disk after a successful rebalance due to a race condition in the scheduling ( happens when rebalncing in more than 1 node)
  • [MB-4363] - dispatcher gives more priority to vbucket deletion even though disk write queue has > 1M items
  • [MB-4374] - rebalance failing with error timeout because source backfill dispatcher is visiting all vbuckets even after completing the takeover process
  • [MB-4375] - rebalance failing with retry_not_ready_vbuckets error if ns_server janitors sets the vbucket state from pending to dead when rebalance fails or stops
  • [MB-4516] - membase server failed to start up on window 2008 32 bit on ec2


  • [MB-4128] - Prepare transition to mb_master electing among nodes with latest version
  • [MB-4153] - Master node election should elect node with latest version
  • [MB-4161] - Extend mbrestore to allow for wildcard matching of items

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