Release Notes - Couchbase Server - Version 2.0-developer-preview-3 - HTML format


  • [MB-4086] - rebalancing out 5 nodes to 4 nodes with 1 bucket and 4000 items failed wait_for_memcached_failed,"bucket-0
  • [MB-4116] - CAPI CRUD fails from time to time
  • [MB-4174] - ui "data buckets" page shows 'Difficulties communicating with the cluster; displaying cached information" continously in -288 build
  • [MB-4269] - inaccurate vb_active_ht_memory value reported in a cluster after few rebalance operations ( replica=2)
  • [MB-4380] - couchbase server fails to start on windows 2008 64bit
  • [MB-4426] - stopRebalance button does not work on the web ui
  • [MB-4427] - rebalance is stuck because some of the nodes are not drainings items into disk
  • [MB-4442] - In XDCR UI, "Node IP Address Name" should be changed to "IP/hostname"
  • [MB-4444] - Replicate Changes From "Cluster" field can just display text (vs. a drop-down)
  • [MB-4446] - Do not store Remote Cluster passwords in plain text in _replicator DB
  • [MB-4458] - JavaScript Events stack up during Setup Wizard and all fire onSubmit
  • [MB-4468] - Unstable cluster after rebalance and failover test on windows
  • [MB-4470] - disk write queue does not drain in the latest windows builds
  • [MB-4499] - "error":"error","reason":"inconsistent_state" when show reduce map on full cluster view.
  • [MB-4511] - JSON encoding during View Indexing over escapes double quotes in values
  • [MB-4515] - couchbase server hang when running view test on windows
  • [MB-4525] - "about" link broken
  • [MB-4533] - MacOS package for Couchbase Server 2.0 Developer Preview 3


  • [MB-4405] - Simplify to one submit button in Create Replication page
  • [MB-4448] - Pre-populate "User Name" field in Remote Cluster dialog

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