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  • [MB-1816] - windows setup.exe for just moxi
  • [MB-18704] - [FTS] blevex japanese
  • [MB-18758] - [FTS] UI: warning when creating/updating index definition and not enough nodes to meet replication factor
  • [MB-18769] - N1QL: Covered query with meta().type in where clause not giving correct results
  • [MB-18810] - Volume test: Q2, gsi, stale=false, throughput = 28 qps (200M) vs 1000 qps (20M)
  • [MB-18891] - [FTS] MCP should perhaps pause ingest for pindexes on nodes that are rebalancing out as an optimization?
  • [MB-18915] - [FTS] compaction should be controlled across pindexes
  • [MB-18982] - cbreset_password should take "y" as a valid response
  • [MB-19188] - Implement block nested loop join
  • [MB-19262] - Query Workbench caches queries in localstorage
  • [MB-19298] - [Entbackup] audit entries not created while restoring data
  • [MB-19308] - Need a way to audit N1QL statements


  • [MB-1144] - Allow for "disk" only replicas
  • [MB-1229] - clone to grow support
  • [MB-1376] - Forum request: Allow for setting web console port during install/initial setup
  • [MB-1576] - moxi should use REST against all servers in JSON response
  • [MB-1644] - Need to be able to change WebUI port
  • [MB-1648] - Store last persisted time in the FS
  • [MB-1709] - need to log to system log if node cannot start
  • [MB-1987] - Change disk quota to megabytes on all screen
  • [MB-2036] - Make passing a user/pass to Moxi easier
  • [MB-2096] - Better logging needed when we run out of file descriptors
  • [MB-2183] - Add feature for automatic failover of node
  • [MB-2195] - Monitor Data Buckets need to be grouped by Bucket Type and show different stats for Memcached Buckets
  • [MB-2321] - Add "About" link to setup wizard
  • [MB-2390] - umbrella bug for UI improvments
  • [MB-2424] - Allow for dynamic start/stop of purging of expired items
  • [MB-2426] - Add high/low water marks for decision to scan and purge expired items
  • [MB-2506] - Error on Ubuntu installation around groupadd/useradd
  • [MB-18506] - [AngularUI] RBAC - suggestion - we should paginate users like how we paginate documents
  • [MB-18513] - Workbench UI: hard to read output of reprinting multi-line query in the event of an error
  • [MB-18514] - Workbench UI: Sanitize input before pasting into editor
  • [MB-18614] - N1QL:Array Indexing:Unnest not working with Intersect scan
  • [MB-18634] - Show "sort count" in Query Workbench with Order By queries
  • [MB-18671] - N1QL: Array Indexing: meta with an array index should be covered inpite of the particular array field being present in the index
  • [MB-18694] - [Query Workbench] Add the Pretty Format for N1QL editor
  • [MB-18736] - GSI parallel compaction
  • [MB-18739] - Show important indexer log messages in UI
  • [MB-18742] - Query Workbench: extend "cancel" to the "show anyway" of a large dataset
  • [MB-18877] - Have option CBDOCLOADER to spool error documents to an error file
  • [MB-18904] - N1ql: DML Error should be thrown for all duplicate entries being inserted
  • [MB-18957] - cbbackup Check for existing running instance
  • [MB-19044] - Support Oracle Linux 7
  • [MB-19078] - Add an cbq option to not echo the file content in the “-f” case
  • [MB-19084] - Advanced cbq shell: changing history file path on a shell does save history in the new path but a different instance of shell doesnt load history from same new path
  • [MB-19240] - Additional stats needed to provide better insight and control over compaction through the UI
  • [MB-19241] - allow vBucket level control over manual compaction
  • [MB-19261] - XDCR should prompt in UI if remote cluster auth fails.
  • [MB-19326] - Add replicateto and persistto with full rollback under error
  • [MB-19336] - MOXI support requested
  • [MB-19353] - On-disk directory structure slightly confusing
  • [MB-19392] - [OSX] Use different data directory based on version
  • [MB-19410] - "Hard Out Of Memory Error" is potentially misleading


  • [MB-2153] - Monitor/change size of memcached buckets


  • [MB-18660] - cache RBAC information for better performance
  • [MB-19159] - [CX] Support default host format for ingestion
  • [MB-19211] - [DGM Scenario] Rebalance is taking long time

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