Release Notes - Couchbase .NET client library - Version 1.2 DP2 - HTML format


  • [NCBC-50] - View paging is broken in the .NET Client Library 1.2 developer preview
  • [NCBC-51] - View method breaks when reduce function is present on view.
  • [NCBC-55] - When using DevelopmentModeNameTransformer design doc is not prefixed with dev_


  • [NCBC-40] - New constructor that takes just the section from the app.config file
  • [NCBC-45] - Key parameters in view requests should be serialized using JSON.NET serialization
  • [NCBC-48] - .NET Client Library should use lookup by key for generic view implementation
  • [NCBC-54] - Add NUnit tests for views
  • [NCBC-86] - Bucket management

New Feature

  • [NCBC-46] - .NET Client Library needs to support include_docs in view API


  • [NCBC-52] - 1.1 and 1.1.5 release needs to be merged into 1.2 master branch

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