Release Notes - Couchbase .NET client library - Version 1.2 DP4 - HTML format


  • [NCBC-93] - ConfigHelperTests should use external configuration
  • [NCBC-108] - Observe tests fail sporadically
  • [NCBC-109] - 1.2
  • [NCBC-110] - Add JSON extension methods used in getting started to Couchbase library
  • [NCBC-114] - Bucket management tests failing with recent builds


  • [NCBC-61] - couchbase-net-client Enyim submodule reference should use not
  • [NCBC-85] - Design document management, including error handling
  • [NCBC-88] - Add a unit/integration test validation of OBSERVE + view stale=false
  • [NCBC-89] - Update the getting started to match the Beer sample DB
  • [NCBC-105] - Couchbase.Tests should have single configuration source
  • [NCBC-106] - documentNameTransformer should have default configuration for production mode
  • [NCBC-107] - httpClientFactory should have default configuration value of Hammock factory
  • [NCBC-112] - Heartbeat config tests should use app.config
  • [NCBC-115] - Add unit tests for management of design docs with non-default buckets
  • [NCBC-116] - ICouchbaseClient should be public
  • [NCBC-117] - NLogAdapter project should be part of Couchbase solution
  • [NCBC-118] - ICouchbaseClient should extend IMemcachedClient

New Feature

  • [NCBC-62] - Support adding of bucket from client
  • [NCBC-65] - Support creating/replacing of design document from client
  • [NCBC-67] - Support listing of buckets from client
  • [NCBC-71] - Support listing a single bucket from client

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