Release Notes - Couchbase .NET client library - Version 1.2 Beta-2 - HTML format


  • [NCBC-34] - Separate timeouts for HTTP connections and data connections
  • [NCBC-60] - Cache misses incorrectly being returning "Unable to locate node" errors
  • [NCBC-72] - remove references to NorthScale, NothScale from client library
  • [NCBC-119] - DeleteBucket fails with recent builds (1700+) when attempting to read response
  • [NCBC-121] - Null Reference Exception during rebalance
  • [NCBC-124] - Set default timeout for OBSERVE. Otherwise it returns immediately
  • [NCBC-127] - Don't execute OBSERVE protocol command if persistence and replication are 0
  • [NCBC-128] - Observe failing when number of available nodes is less than the configured replica count
  • [NCBC-129] - Fail immediately if persistence/replication requirements cannot be satisfied
  • [NCBC-130] - ExecuteGet is incorrectly reporting "Not found" as "Failed to locate node"
  • [NCBC-134] - Failover on bootstrap node never recovers
  • [NCBC-136] - Timer in MessageStream listener not initialized when heartbeat is turned off and throws NRE on Dispose
  • [NCBC-148] - All operations fail during fail over, before rebalance
  • [NCBC-149] - Delay in view requests when FindServicePoint is called
  • [NCBC-157] - NRE when executing non-stale, generic view with removed key
  • [NCBC-160] - Fix incorrect comments and variable names on InitializeConnection from HTTP config settings


  • [NCBC-133] - Separate WebClient timeout from connectionTimeout
  • [NCBC-142] - ListBuckets/ListBuckets do not map the complete bucket JSON to an Object graph.
  • [NCBC-143] - Provide UpdateBucket functionality
  • [NCBC-146] - Couchbase .NET Client should load balance requests to nodes on view requests
  • [NCBC-147] - Couchbase .NET Client should support getting single bucket
  • [NCBC-151] - ICouchbaseClient and ICouchbaseResultsClient interfaces are missing public methods defined in CouchbaseClient
  • [NCBC-154] - Strongly typed views should map "id" property, not "_id" to domain objects
  • [NCBC-155] - Default to camelCase property names for JSON extension methods
  • [NCBC-158] - Raise view timeout from 60s to 75s

New Feature

  • [NCBC-47] - .NET Client Library needs to support spatial views
  • [NCBC-92] - Support getting bucket item count


  • [NCBC-132] - Couchbase .NET Client should support Mono

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