Release Notes - Couchbase .NET client library - Version 1.2.5 - HTML format


  • [NCBC-227] - intermittent failures during add-back rebalance


  • [NCBC-90] - Updated screencast for /develop pages
  • [NCBC-247] - Refactor 3rd party HttpClient implementations into separate assembly
  • [NCBC-254] - JSON extensions should default to ignore Id property on add/replace/set.

New Feature

  • [NCBC-201] - add observe operation type to client
  • [NCBC-255] - Implement Unlock without CAS


  • [NCBC-8] - supply license information for documentation
  • [NCBC-199] - Update tutorial beer sample to use geo.lng and JSON properties
  • [NCBC-246] - .Net 3.5 support for couchbase-net-client
  • [NCBC-256] - Throw exception when get with lock timeout set to greater than 30 seconds.

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