Release Notes - Couchbase Ruby client library - Version 1.2.0.z.beta - HTML format


  • [RCBC-8] - Sample app is out of date
  • [RCBC-9] - all_docs.count fails after a flush
  • [RCBC-70] - The library always returns strings in ASCII-8BIT encoding
  • [RCBC-79] - flush should use the the restful flush with error handling
  • [RCBC-81] - Unable to gem install couchbase


  • [RCBC-26] - support new stale=false parameter
  • [RCBC-52] - Bucket management
  • [RCBC-76] - Provide get and lock as API
  • [RCBC-80] - Use restful flush instead memcached

New Feature

  • [RCBC-18] - getting started screencast is available
  • [RCBC-28] - add support for unlock command
  • [RCBC-30] - support errors on views
  • [RCBC-31] - The get command is not idiomatic, a multi-get command should be added to ensure consistent processing of the result

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