Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


  • [PCBC-72] - getDelayed seems to return a Boolean not a "string (Binary object)" as the docs state
  • [PCBC-79] - Tarball releases for PHP clients
  • [PCBC-92] - Completely document constants and result codes.
  • [PCBC-95] - new() function docs is missing the $bucket parameter:
  • [PCBC-104] - PHP Client Need to Catch and Process "Object Too Large"errors from libcouchbase
  • [PCBC-108] - version() returns the library version, not server version
  • [PCBC-134] - Provide more information on connection failure
  • [PCBC-135] - Wrong parameter description for delete()
  • [PCBC-137] - view querying needs to be more straightforward; e.g. character strings of decimal digits are serialised over the REST API as integers in view requests
  • [PCBC-139] - PHP client needs fastlz compression to be compatible with legacy memcached clients
  • [PCBC-141] - 1.1 dp releases not working on phps which do not export the symbol php_json_encode
  • [PCBC-142] - Plug leaks reported by debug-mode php/zts
  • [PCBC-143] - segfault during lcb handle-level error handler
  • [PCBC-147] - Segmentation Fault (segfault) when querying view
  • [PCBC-148] - Key persistence checks wrong criterion
  • [PCBC-149] - persist_to should imply master when greater than zero
  • [PCBC-158] - assertion in removeOnePersist.phpt at
  • [PCBC-159] - incorrect timeout exceptions during required-durability function tests


  • [PCBC-10] - Enable SASL
  • [PCBC-35] - Add automated cluster tests
  • [PCBC-73] - get() method signature less optimal than it could be
  • [PCBC-83] - Highlevel synchronous mutation operations atop observe
  • [PCBC-86] - Bucket management
  • [PCBC-87] - View error options at query time
  • [PCBC-88] - Add a unit/integration test validation of OBSERVE + view stale=false
  • [PCBC-89] - Update the getting started to match the Beer sample DB
  • [PCBC-99] - Provide Error Handling Consistent with Other SDKs
  • [PCBC-100] - timeouts need to be tunable and consistent with other SDKs
  • [PCBC-144] - getVersion() returns memcached version, not couchbase version
  • [PCBC-150] - make default view timeout 75s
  • [PCBC-153] - move flush function to RESTful flush

New Feature

  • [PCBC-13] - Warn for illogic view parameters
  • [PCBC-47] - Allow to make non-persistent connections in new-style constructor
  • [PCBC-52] - add support for unlock command
  • [PCBC-57] - support errors on views
  • [PCBC-119] - Expose timeout setting


  • [PCBC-19] - generating shippable artifacts
  • [PCBC-22] - running integration tests under CI
  • [PCBC-51] - Thoroughly unit-test API arguments
  • [PCBC-132] - Document testing procedures
  • [PCBC-250] - Add intro to PHP SDK guide

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