Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 1.1.0-dp5 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [PCBC-122] - Remove PHPUnit dependency
  • [PCBC-123] - Remove deprecated ('legacy') tests


  • [PCBC-106] - implement touch command
  • [PCBC-117] - Negative expiry values should throw an error
  • [PCBC-128] - Multi-touch causes inconsistent zend hash error
  • [PCBC-129] - getStats() causes memory leaks against a 2.0 beta Couchbase server
  • [PCBC-131] - multi-touch test crashes/segfaults
  • [PCBC-136] - PHP client needs to move to later libcouchbase2 API


  • [PCBC-103] - Provide Get and Lock
  • [PCBC-120] - Provide helpful error message when older libcouchbase is encountered
  • [PCBC-127] - Make negative expiry times be E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR instead of E_ERROR


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