Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 1.1.3 - HTML format


  • [PCBC-105] - Update the docs to show all PHP methods options
  • [PCBC-130] - Remove mention of pecl-memcache and pecl-memcached from
  • [PCBC-133] - connection options needs updating in 1.1 docs
  • [PCBC-177] - inconsistent parameter setup for createBucket and modifyBucket
  • [PCBC-181] - The documentation is wrong for get() in couchbase-api.php
  • [PCBC-204] - Persistent connections should be indexed on server list contents, not their order.



  • [PCBC-84] - Add experimental replica read command
  • [PCBC-161] - update tutorial to be based on sample database
  • [PCBC-173] - The php extension should have an example .ini file describing the tunables
  • [PCBC-174] - Create a php file with "javadoc-style" comments describing the api
  • [PCBC-175] - released bundle should contain the example php ini file and the couchbase api file
  • [PCBC-212] - make persistent connections on by default


  • [PCBC-126] - Tests: Make view helper script in PHP
  • [PCBC-146] - Create a windows php-5.3.17-Win32-VC9-x86 thread-safe build of the current 1.1 tree

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