Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 1.1.4 - HTML format


  • [PCBC-178] - Add support for 'connection_timeout' option in views
  • [PCBC-191] - Segfault on malformed argument in setMulti()
  • [PCBC-206] - Add support for the config-caching interface in libcouchbase
  • [PCBC-213] - SEGV in extension: php_couchbase_pres_dtor (rsrc=<optimized out>) at /sources/lcb2.0-repo/php/couchbase.c:64
  • [PCBC-219] - Floating point error in PHP Couchbase Library 1.1


  • [PCBC-33] - Check availability of igbinary
  • [PCBC-172] - Document how to create a views from PHP Code
  • [PCBC-186] - Design document listing (Extends PCBC-85)
  • [PCBC-209] - The default value for persistent instances should be contigurable
  • [PCBC-210] - couchbase.ini should have an entry for loading the extension ;)
  • [PCBC-217] - Create package.xml to build from PECL

New Feature

  • [PCBC-208] - Add a bucket flush feature to ClusterManager class


  • [PCBC-214] - Detection of incorrect expiry time is wrong..
  • [PCBC-215] - View code does not check the HTTP status code
  • [PCBC-218] - cas() operation does not check if the cas contains illegal characters.

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