Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 1.2.0 - HTML format


  • [PCBC-53] - include windows in release
  • [PCBC-152] - Release notes needed in 1.1.6
  • [PCBC-182] - Update the documentation to show when a parameter is a copy or a reference
  • [PCBC-190] - Need documentation on timeouts available for PHP
  • [PCBC-192] - Persistent connections should be the default
  • [PCBC-220] - error with "default" bucket. named bucket work OK: CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException Failed to get a value from server: Network error.
  • [PCBC-227] - setMulti doesn't support pure digit key
  • [PCBC-228] - Full return message upon error cut off from libcouchbase
  • [PCBC-229] - --with-couchbase configure option no longer working
  • [PCBC-231] - version is incorrectly stored in two places
  • [PCBC-236] - Throw exceptions from constructor
  • [PCBC-237] - Docs needed for config_cache configuration
  • [PCBC-238] - Docs: need examples of API calls, expected usage, expected return values
  • [PCBC-240] - touch method non-functional in pecl package
  • [PCBC-247] - libcouchbase2-* v2.1.3 packages throw uncaught exceptions when building a Couchbase construct in PHP
  • [PCBC-251] - decrement() fails when using a prefix key (Couchbase::OPT_PREFIX_KEY)


  • [PCBC-196] - Error handling documentation


  • [PCBC-226] - HTTP needs to be a POST after a certain size
  • [PCBC-241] - compilation warnings on extension
  • [PCBC-246] - Expose lcb_cntl(..., LCB_CNTL_SKIP_CONFIGURATION_ERRORS_ON_CONNECT, ..)

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