Release Notes - Couchbase PHP client library - Version 2.0.0-dp1 - HTML format


  • [PCBC-171] - Package build scripts don't build source correctly
  • [PCBC-179] - Couchbase PHP client library v1.1.1 returns random integer on get request
  • [PCBC-221] - PHP Couchbase persistent connections shares more than expected
  • [PCBC-271] - random burst of failed set operations returning false , with getResultCode==0 and no CouchbaseException thrown
  • [PCBC-283] - Unable to connect to second cluster while using same bucket name in PHP configuration cache


  • [PCBC-118] - add functionality to use setMulti with CAS (and individual expiry)
  • [PCBC-184] - It would be nice to support the flags sections for the memcache extension

New Feature

  • [PCBC-96] - Create compatibility layer for flags in PHP
  • [PCBC-266] - Expose per-node config timeout


  • [PCBC-164] - Streamline tests
  • [PCBC-249] - Add testing for Configuration Cache
  • [PCBC-264] - increment/decrement method description does not mention the integer overflow if negative numbers are incremented/decremented.

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