Release Notes - Couchbase Python Client Library - Version 1.0 Beta - HTML format


  • [PYCBC-68] - cannot delete design doc
  • [PYCBC-83] - Python client fails to encode view parameters
  • [PYCBC-113] - TOC for Python 1.0
  • [PYCBC-130] - Segmentation fault when specifying hos:port as host params


  • [PYCBC-36] - Implement observe command
  • [PYCBC-41] - View error options at query time
  • [PYCBC-43] - Update the getting started to match the Beer sample DB
  • [PYCBC-64] - Improve design document management error handling
  • [PYCBC-71] - Supporting _all_docs in the SDK
  • [PYCBC-82] - Error handling documentation
  • [PYCBC-127] - ensure appropriate windows releases are posted to pypi in the release process

New Feature

  • [PYCBC-7] - An interface to access Couchbase Views is needed
  • [PYCBC-8] - creating and destroying design docs with views from the client library should be available
  • [PYCBC-9] - an interface to paginate across large view results is needed
  • [PYCBC-27] - support errors on views


  • [PYCBC-102] - New Python 1.0 Guide
  • [PYCBC-122] - automate publishing of docs for python
  • [PYCBC-124] - Provide API to change default JSON/Pickle conversion functions
  • [PYCBC-125] - Add lock option for Connection object
  • [PYCBC-126] - Provide better handling at fork
  • [PYCBC-128] - Client crashes if invalid hostname is passed
  • [PYCBC-129] - Develop Content: deliver create the content behind the agreed upon TOC
  • [PYCBC-131] - Return more informative error on empty string to get
  • [PYCBC-132] - Lock without TTL fails with 'encoding error'
  • [PYCBC-134] - Client will crash if _multi methods are passed lists with duplicate keys
  • [PYCBC-136] - quiet parameter not being passed from Couchbase.connect
  • [PYCBC-137] - Fix up module to conform to 'pep8'
  • [PYCBC-138] - _multi arith functions not setting amount properly
  • [PYCBC-139] - unlock_multi does not complain about missing cas

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