Release Notes - Couchbase Python Client Library - Version 0.8.0 - HTML format


  • [PYCBC-1] - error format is changing
  • [PYCBC-16] - increment from two clients seems to not work
  • [PYCBC-23] - Error using cas
  • [PYCBC-32] - python SDK should use TCP NODELAY?


  • [PYCBC-39] - Add Design document management, including error handling
  • [PYCBC-40] - RESTful Bucket Flushing
  • [PYCBC-45] - Remove{'_id':'key', 'json':'doc'}) in favor of .set() doing key name detection

New Feature

  • [PYCBC-10] - object should serialize and deserialize when being persisted to the cluster

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